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A Little History

Milseán, Gaelic for “Sweet Things”, is pronounced “meel-shawn”. Ever since Maureen first poured out dark buttery toffee onto fresh sliced almonds and coated it with creamy white chocolate, she has been immersed in the sweet world of confection. Their family-operated business here in the Fraser Valley (operating since 1992)...reminiscent of the rolling hills of Ireland, a country of which the Milseán creators are descendants of … has been an eventful way of living for Maureen, husband Rob, and their son Scott and daughter Clare. After numerous awards, Canadian and International, Maureen’s “Demerara Butter Crunch” can be found across the country, in places like Rita McNeil’s Teahouse in Nova Scotia, The Empress in Victoria, B.C. Ferries, and even at the White House in Washington, D.C. (during the Clinton administration). During this time Rob trained as a chocolatier in Brussels, Belgium at the prestigious Callebaut factory...adding yet another element to their growing list of decadent delights.

The Story Continues

After eyeing up buildings all around the Fraser Valley, Maureen and Rob decided that they wanted to settle the factory in their home town of Aldergrove. Having said that, it became apparent that there was little to choose from (being that the town was so small) ... so they continued to be home- based in sunny south Aldergrove on Maureen’s family farm of Emerald Acres, waiting for just the right building. It wasn’t until 1997, that they heard rumour that the firemen were looking to move to a new location. After a tour through the old firehall (built in the 1950’s), it became clear that this building would be perfect for their factory, home, and retail space of a sweets and tea shoppe. Their dream became a reality in June 2002, when they opened the doors to the public for Aldergrove Days. You will notice small changes throughout the years as Maureen and Rob strive to develop a warm inviting environment with amazing sweets, decadent desserts, quality teas and drinks, and wholesome fresh foods.

Twenty Years Later

Milseán is proud to be standing in this great community of Aldergrove. In spite of the growth across our fair country, Rob & Maureen still maintain their proud roots here in the Fraser Valley. The expansion in 2006, with the addition of the glass conservatory, was a romantic welcome, fulfilling the need for more seating, especially with the old-world fireplace anchoring the space. Their wholesome menu has grown to include handmade soups, in-house spelt bread, a sentimental family favourite. We also strive to create allergy sensitive recipes, looking after our gluten friendly and vegan customer. Milseán’s wonderful array of fun and practical merchandise has absolutely something for everyone. In the gourmet food section, Maureen strives to choose items with natural ingredients and superb flavour. Their Original Demerara Butter Crunch, which Maureen created back in 1981, still proves to be their #1 product. New this year is their ‘take home’ freezer section filled with Milseán’s ever-popular, ready to bake scones, handmade soups, and handmade gelato. Over the years Rob & Maureen have travelled the world looking for special handmade items including Thailand, Peru and most recently Morocco.


In the summer of 2014, Milseán became a proud member of the great team at Langley Memorial Hospital, where a portion of every sale there goes directly back into the hospital through their Auxiliary. Milseán is pleased to offer many of its healthy food choices and gourmet organic coffees at these locations. Also, in 2014 they joined the Langley Circle Farm tour and are excited at how this has connected them more with all the local businesses and the overall increased exposure to a greater customer base. Rob, Maureen, and the Milseán family wish to thank their families, friends and customers, and look forward to many more years together.

Rob, Maureen, and the Milseán family wish to thank their families, friends and customers, and look forward to many more years together